Whole30: Two Weeks & Counting

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, then you know that I recently started a round of Whole30 – and by recently I mean 13 days ago but who’s counting?

If you’re wondering just exactly what Whole30 is – in a nutshell: it’s a 30-day nutrition reset in which you eliminate dairy, alcohol, grains, added sugars, and legumes from your diet. I’ll admit that I was a bit nervous to commit to something quite like this – I like to take a “try it all, but all in moderation” approach to my diet. However, I’ve also made a few minor changes in my diet recently [resulting in a 20ish lb. weight loss!] and I could feel myself starting to slip back into my over-indulgent ways. Whole30 seemed like a great opportunity for a wakeup call, a way to clean up my diet for the Summer, and also just a fun challenge to try!

As I’m closing up my second week of Whole30, I thought I’d give you all an overview of my experience so far – both the good and the bad.

The Good:
Knowing what goes into your body: A huge part of Whole30 is reading nutrition labels, knowing what’s in your food, and being cognisant about what you’re actually eating. I try to think that I’m a fairly healthy eater, but there are so many little things in food – like added sugar in canned tuna – that may not be the best for you, but you would never know unless you made an effort to read the nutritional facts and ingredients. Since starting Whole30, I’ve become so much more aware of what’s in everything that I’m eating which is something that I’m sure I’ll carry with me even once my 30 days are complete.

Trying new dishes: When I started planning out my meals for Whole30, I realized that my typical meals weren’t all that different than what the program calls for. I don’t eat a ton of things like rice, bread, sodas, or anything like that to begin with. I include lots of veggies and lean meats in my diet anyway, so that wasn’t a huge adjustment. I did embrace including more healthy fats and incorporating in more protein-dense vegetables [avocado is my new BFF] and substituting sugary snacks with fruits or nuts. Here are a few of my favorite dishes so far:

Whole30 breakfast eggs avocado sweet potato
2 eggs over-medium, 1/2 avocado, + sautéed sweet potatoes
Whole30 Lunch Salad
Salad: Green leaf lettuce, roma tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, + flax seed.
Whole30 Dinner
Buddha Bowl: Sautéed kale, red peppers, sweet potatoes, grilled salmon, + avocado.

The Bad:
Resisting temptation: I didn’t realize just HOW big of an influence food had on me until so many things were off-limits & I was actually paying attention to what I’m putting into my body. Since starting Whole30, I’ve been out to dinner, been to a party, attended two foodie events, gone to a happy hour, and guided a pizza tour. I would be lying if I said that passing up cocktails, wine, delicious hors d’oeuvres, and PIZZA was easy because it definitely is NOT. But I’ve been sticking to my guns and keeping the overall benefits of Whole30 in mind to keep myself powering through. Plus, it’s just 30 days! [or at least that’s what I’m telling myself]

Need for planning: I’ll be the first to admit that I’m terrible at planning ahead when it comes to cooking. Although I love to cook, life tends to get in the way & throw things off track. I learned within the first few days of doing Whole30 that if I didn’t plan ahead & prep my meals for the day, then I’d be kinda out of luck in the food department. Fast food or picking up takeout just wasn’t an option anymore – which isn’t bad at all, just took a bit of an adjustment!

Just a little over two more weeks to go for me – stay tuned to see more of my Whole30 adventure!

Anyone here had any experiences with Whole30?


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