Restaurant Review: Hub’s Restaurant

Rating: A
Neighborhood: Skokie

As a city dweller I don’t venture out to the suburbs too often, but I made a trip out to Skokie to try Hub’s Restaurant and I was not disappointed! Hub’s is family owned & operated Greek restaurant and even has a close knit feel with their customers. They seem to be on a first name basis with many of them giving a vibe a-la Cheers.


The menu at Hub’s is pretty extensive with both traditional American options, like ribs, and traditional Greek dishes, like Pastisio – which is prepared from a family recipe. Naturally, I tried just about all of them.

My favorite dish by far was the Chicken-Ka-Bob Plate Special. To be honest, I’m not typically a huge chicken fan, but the ka-bobs were chargrilled to perfection and the serving size was LARGE & in-charge. The dish is served with rice, pita, onion, tomato, and a homemade sauce (which was delish!). Honestly, I would go back to Hub’s strictly for the sauce.

Chicken-Ka-Bob Plate Special.

Aside from the Chicken-Ka-Bob Plate, I also tried a few other Greek dishes. Namely, the Pastisio, Greek Chicken with Potatoes, and of course, a Gyro sandwich. This was my first time trying Pastisio – a dish comprised of layered macaroni and ground beef. There was a hint of sweet flavors in the dish, which was surprising but also welcomed.


IMG_2169 (1)
Gyro sandwich.

Hub’s also offers some good ole American style dishes and their surprisingly known for their BBQ ribs – who knew?! The ribs have an option to be served with a baked potato and homemade sour cream like sauce – Hub’s really kills the homemade sauce game. Again, the portions were HUGE, so be sure to come hungry.


If you know me, then you know that I can’t leave any restaurant without a dessert – and this was no exception. The Lemon Coconut Cake was delectable, creamy, flavorful, and everything I could have hoped for.

A dreamy slice of Lemon Coconut Cake.

Overall I’d definitely recommend Hub’s and will be back soon for another slab of ribs – no seriously, I will.


p.s. – you may already be familiar with Hub’s if you’ve seen the infamous “You like-uh the juice” SNL skit.

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I had a great time dining at Hub’s for this sponsored post!


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