Quick & Healthy Snacks

My eating style could very easily be described as grazing…a.k.a never NOT snacking. Aside from snacking being flat out fun, it’s also a quick & easy way to stay energized and get some vital nutrients. Although “beach body” season is wrapping up, it doesn’t hurt to have a well-balanced diet year round.

Here are a few of my favorite [and semi-healthyish] snacks…

IMG_1165.jpg Jalapeño Cashews
Or really any seasoned cashew – although I am partial to jalapeño. These nuts are packed full of flavor – mostly spicy with a hint of sweetness. However, there is NO corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup used in the seasoning! As a fair warning these cashews have proven to be addicting. I had a hard time walking away from the bag without devouring it all in one sitting. #willpower.



Dried, Sweetened Mangoes IMG_1167.jpg
As if I could pass up any opportunity to talk about sweets?! While dried mangoes [or any fruit] aren’t your traditional sweet treat, they really can do the trick with satisfying a sweet tooth. You can eat them straight out of the bag [my method of choice] or as a garnish to a salad, smoothie, or with cereal. There’s obviously still some sugar in this snack [about 25g per 1/4 cup serving]. I do feel much less guilty indulging in these dried mangoes versus ice cream or a candy bar.


IMG_1224 Sugar Snap Peas
Sugar snap peas have been a favorite snack of mine for quite some time. Although I’m not a huge chip fan myself, these can serve as a great substitute for potato chips. The crisp crunch of the snap peas makes them fun to eat! Snap peas can be enjoyed right from the bag or atop a salad. Either way this snack is a quick & easy way to have a source of protein with a minimal amount of calories which is an ideal situation.



What are you favorite things to munch & snack on??


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