Foodie Diary: Day Three & Four || Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall

Now that the rain had subsided, I was back in full vacation mode. I scaled back my dining a bit to make up for the over-indulding from yesterday – but believe me, I still kept my belly full.

LocationHyatt Zilara Rose Hall – Montego Bay, Jamaica
Date: Wednesday, August 3rd

9:30 AM: Return to the Breakfast Mini-Buffet
The sun was BLAZING hot already this morning & we didn’t want to walk back over to the buffet on the Ziva side of the rest, so we made our way to FlavorZ again for breakfast. Naturally, I hit the [mini] buffet to get my fair share of scrambled eggs, breakfast meats, & pastries. My sweet tooth really spoke to me when I saw French Toast on the menu, so I had to go for it – it was a choice well-made!

2016-08-03 09.30.18.jpg

1:00 PM: Poolside Lunch
Spending the day in the sun & water can really work up an appetite! I decided to keep my lunch somewhat light since I was planning to stay at the pool for the rest of the day. I made my way over to Barefoot JerkZ – a shack near the beach that serves Jamaican jerk barbecue. I paired the barbecue chicken with rice & beans and Coco bread – I also added a bit of jerk sauce to the chicken for extra flavor!
2016-08-03 12.59.31.jpg

8:00 PM: Authentic Jamaican Dinner
The flow of drinks from the swim-up bar, IslandZ, must have kept me full because I’m not sure how I went nearly 7 hours without a meal! HoriZonZ, which is a beachfront restaurant featuring Jamaican cuisine for dinner, quickly became my favorite restaurant on the resort. The main course is served family style – you have a choice of 3-4 entree options from a menu list of about 10 items – alongside rice & peas & Coco bread. My family chose: Braised Short Ribs, Chicken Run Down, Sautéed Shrimp, & Ox Tail for our main dishes. Everything was delicious and the ambience of the restaurant made the food taste even better!




Date: Thursday, August 4th

8:00 AM: Breakfast on-the-fly
My family signed up for a zip lining excursion that picked up from the hotel earlier than we expected, so a lavish-breakfast was a no-go today. Just lots of water, juice, and breakfast bars before we were on our way. [By the way: Zip lining was amazing!]

3:30 PM: Lunch
After exerting nearly all of my energy during the zip lining excursion – #workout – I was more than ready for lunch! My dad & I headed to CalypZo for lunch & my eyes lit up when they say nachos on the menu – of course this was a necessity. Since the nachos were a technically an appetizer serving & I was getting hangry, I also ordered Carne Asada and a baked potato for my main entree. This was all complemented by a Red Stripe draft beer & dessert – a banana dulce de leche-style pie, which was heavenly!




7:30 PM: Dinner Buffet
For dinner, we made our way back to ChoiceZ for a Jamaican themed buffet. We felt like experts, since we’d just had a Jamaican dinner experience at HoriZonZ the night before. I filled my plate with curry chicken, ox tail, & curry goat – along with a few sides. We were all exhausted from the excursion earlier in the day, so dinner was pretty quick & we headed back to our rooms to relax and re-charge for our last few days in paradise!


Stay tuned for the final installment in my food diary from this trip!


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