Foodie Diary: Day Two || Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall

A rainy day can leave little to do at a resort besides eating & drinking – and I took full advantage of that today. Luckily Tropical Storm Earl had no effect on the restaurant selection…

LocationHyatt Zilara Rose Hall – Montego Bay, Jamaica
Date: Tuesday, August 2nd

9:45 AM: Pre-Breakfast Coffee & Muffin
This is quickly becoming a tradition. I slept in a little as a result of the weather, but I still stopped by the coffee shop in the lobby to grab a Jamaican coffee and Blueberry Muffin while I waited on my family to meet me for breakfast. The coffee was actually much tastier today than the day before.

IMG_0991 8.29.27 AM.jpg

10:15 AM: Breakfast (mini) Buffet
We just discovered today that there is a mini breakfast buffet in our lobby – the resort is split into 2 sections [Zilara side is adults only & Ziva is family friendly] and most of the restaurants are in the Ziva side. We’re staying on the Zilara side & although it isn’t a very far walk over to the other side, needless to say we were excited to find a great restaurant that didn’t require use to go out into the rain. The buffet at FlavorZ is much smaller than your standard buffet, but still offers a great selection of breakfast meats, pastries, cereals, and starches. I kicked off my meal with some bacon, sausage, salmon with cream cheese, & a cheese danish – of course a mimosa is also standard issue at breakfast here. For my main course, I kept things simple and just went with scrambled eggs, a grilled tomato slice, & hash browns.



12:35 PM: Snack-time
As I sat and watched the rain from the open-air lobby of the Zilara, I decided that it was time for snack. PotionZ serves smoothies made from fresh fruit, so I decided to go with a pineapple, orange juice, fresh honey, nectar, and a splash of rum. Although this hit the spot, it wasn’t quite filling enough. The rain lighted up a bit, so I ventured out to West End Grill beside the pool. This is where I had lunch yesterday, but the menu changes daily. Today I went with grilled corn and scallops with a lemon-garlic drizzle. One really fun amenity at the resort is the fresh coconuts that the landscapers chop down from the palm trees. They’re a hot commodity, but I was able to grab one while having lunch. This was the BEST coconut water that I’ve ever had.


3:30 PM: Snack-time [part deux]
A few hours passed and I was getting bored of just sitting around watching the rain, so the food crawl commenced. My sisters & I set our sights on finding lunch, but along the way we stopped back at PotionZ where they were serving hor d’oeuvres & sparkling wine.


4:30 PM: Late Lunch
In between rain downpours, we made our way to HoriZonZ for an oceanfront lunch. Since I’d just had some small bites, I decided to go with a lighter lunch – Seafood Ceviche & Potato Salad. Dessert is always a necessity – no matter the meal – and HoriZonZ really came through. The cheesecake with strawberry glaze was just the perfect mid-day sweet treat.



8:15 PM: Dinner
The rain was finally over! My family & I ventured over to the Ziva side of the resort for the first time today to try BraZil Steakhouse for dinner. The meal starts with a self-serve salad bar and cheese tray. Next, you move on to starches – black beans with bacon, white rice, baked plantains, and a sweet bread – served family style. Finally, it’s time for the main course. A waiter brought over 8 different types of meats served table side directly from skewers. This was the best meal that I’ve had so far during my stay & will likely be back once more before I leave.





We’re only on day two of the food diary, so be sure to check back in over the next three days to get all of the deets on my all-inclusive vacation at Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall.


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