Restaurant Review: Salsita

Rating: A++
Neighborhood: Wrigleyville

After being a SoCal resident for 5 years, my love for Mexican food grew into a full blown passion. For the past few weeks that I’d been in the Windy City, I hadn’t come across many taco eateries until I stumbled upon one in my neighborhood…Salsita!

IMG_8664 (1).jpg

The menu at Salsita is simple enough – you choose your item, then your meat, then toppings – and the price can’t be beat. I waited less than 10 minutes after I placed my order for it to be ready – Modern Family was even playing to keep me occupied during my wait. Given that this spot is walking distance from my current residence, please believe that I will be a regular.


I ordered the 3-taco dinner, which entails: 3 tacos of your choice, rice & beans, and a large Mexican water (aka Horchata) – all for just $9.75. I ordered 1 asada taco, 1 chorizo, and 1 spicy chicken taco which were all seasoned to perfection & topped with cilantro, onion, cheese, tomato, and avocado. The biggest blessing about Salsita is that there is NO extra charge for toppings – including avocado! (#blessed) Although I’m no refried bean fan, the beans and rice were the perfect side dish to my array of tacos. The Horchata also played a great supporting role as dessert to this meal. It was just sweet enough to satisfy my sweet tooth, but not enough.

IMG_8683 (1).jpg

Honestly, I couldn’t believe that I polished off the entire meal in one sitting – that was NOT the plan – but it was well worth it.

Any suggestions for other Mexican restaurants in Chicago?

XO –

P.S. – Salsita has a $1.25 Spicy Chicken Taco special on Tuesdays! #TacoTuesday

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